Fully Validated Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical and Clinical Trial Storage Facilities

At EPXLogistics we offer extensive warehousing, storage and distribution facilities that are suitable for clinical trials. Our fully licensed GMP storage areas are all fully validated and continuously monitored and alarmed to ensure the complete security of your product. We are an approved facility for  some of the world’s leading Clinical Research Organizations (CRO).

We can store both your clinical and commercial supplies and samples in dedicated pharmaceutical storage areas over the following range of temperatures:

  • Controlled ambient (15-25°C)
  • 2-8°C

Our GMP pharmaceutical storage services include:

  • Fully documented receipt procedures to ensure the complete tracking of supplies.
  • Dedicated storage areas.
  • A stock management system.
  • Regular inventory management reports.
  • Regular humidity and temperature reports.
  • Egyptian MOH approved facility to store controlled drugs.
  • Storage of returns.

Along with the delivery and collection of drugs, EPXLogistics can provide the collection, storage, return and reconciliation of patient samples including blood, urine and tissue.

EPXLogistics offers Cold Chain Transportation Service for your investigational products for deliveries to the Clinical Trial sites throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Our Cold Chain Transportation Service includes:

  • Each truck is equipped with a Rotronic HL-20 temperature data logger. This logger gives you the accuracy and reliability to measure and record essential data and is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11 and GAMP 4 requirements for electronic records and electronic signatures (ERES).
  • In addition to the HL-20 temperature data logger, an additional Sensitech TempTale4 data logger will be sent with each shipment.
  • Each truck has been validated for the transportation of pharmaceutical products under the abovementioned temperature conditions.
  • EPxLogistics also has the capability to ship products in Passive shipping systems using validated containers.
  • A printout of the temperature chart is provided as part of the documentation for each shipment.