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EPXLogistics offers a full range of transportation services. Our solutions allow our larger customers to leverage their already existing transportation agreements while our smaller customers benefit from our negotiated rates. Our Cold Chain Transportation Service allows our customers to protect their temperature sensitive products. Our Cold Chain transportation fleet as well as our Cold Chain processes guarantee that all the products are kept in the designated temperature range, every step of the way. This allows our customers to comply with all regulations (GMP) while minimizing costs and increasing efficiency.


EPx offers its Transportation Services through its EPx Transport company. EPx Transport is a specialized transportation company with very high focus on Quality Assurance, Reliability, Professionalism and Integration with our customers’ supply chains. All its vehicles are temperature validated and tracked in real time through the EPx Transport Command Center, which monitors and controls its fleet 24×7.

Domestic Distribution

With EPx Transport medium sized and small sized transport vehicles, Domestic Distribution is made possible. EPx Transport already reaches every major city in Egypt on a daily, semi-weekly or weekly basis. EPx handles the delivery of your goods as well as handing over any shipment documentation and the collection of Proof of Delivery.

Point to Point Transportation

By utilizing EPx Transport larger vehicles, point to point shuttling between manufacturing sites and distribution centers can be made very efficient and economic.

Clinical Trial Dispatching

EPx handles the Dispatching of Clinical Trial Investigational Products from its warehouse up to the Clinical Research Centers and Hospitals. EPx has very strong relationships with all the research centers and can handle all shipment documentation, proof of delivery and proper storage of CT materials on site.

Keeping your business up to speed wit Tailored Transport Solutions

Work with EPx Transport to design a custom transport solution that matches your size and needs.